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The Econx Story

Creating control for everyone

Econx was established in 2011 by a team of New Zealand innovators with extensive expertise in the electrical, manufacturing, and software/hardware development industries. The vision was to create a singular, fully integrated smart-home solution. It should be affordable, easy to use, and enable users to control their homes or business premises from anywhere in the world, and enjoy the exceptional benefits.

Existing, separate and cumbersome automation systems offered limited features and separate devices and passwords, falling short of the objective. The company’s innovative design for a web-based hardware and software combination filled the gap. The solution could be customised and connected to any number of features and it had exceptional future-proofing capabilities. At last there was a singular system that could offer users real control, so they could enjoy peace of mind, convenience, increased comfort and significant savings on power bills.

In 2013 the system was released to the trades industry. It has since evolved and will continue to evolve as new features, functions and the results of more inspired thinking become available.


Anthony Tucker – Founder and Managing Director
Gregory Rossiter – Chairman
Aaron Shurmer – Web and Software Development
Marcus Clyne – Hardware and Software Development

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