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How Econx Works

Control your home from your smartphone, from anywhere at any time. Econx is an incredibly powerful yet incredibly user-friendly integrated smart-home system, that operates through secure servers via the internet..

As well as security and convenience, Econx delivers simplicity. You need just four things: a small control hub installed into your home, the internet, a smartphone and the Econx app. The system connects to as many security and home features as you like – from security cameras to doors, to heating and lighting.

To control any selected feature in your home you simply access the easy-to-use app. With just a few taps of your screen your instructions are sent via the cloud to the control hub and then to your home feature. You don’t need multiple remotes, devices or timers, and you can control your home features manually at any time, or simply set schedules and let Econx run your home for you. You can also operate and further manage your entire control system from your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. And don’t worry. Econx is both smart and simple. If you’ve used internet banking you’ll find this a breeze.

Secure Internet

Smartphone App

Enabled Home

Powerful Protection 

Econx gives you confidence. It’s cloud-based and run via the internet using highly secure servers. Which means that even the security of your system is in the safest hands. Home or away, you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that your security and automation system is protected from hackers and viruses 24/7. Econx is also so smart it will even continue to operate if your internet is interrupted or your power is cut.