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Use the design guide form on the right to find out what it might cost to bring on the true power of Econx and turn your home into a secure, comfortable and more energy-efficient smart-home.

To get an idea of costs involved just select the features you think you’d like to connect, and we’ll provide a no-obligation estimate based on the selections you make. You’ll be surprised at how affordable an Econx system is – and the benefits are huge. If you are in the early design stages of your home we can provide pricing estimates so there won’t be any nasty surprises for your budget.

Then, If you decide Econx is the ideal solution for you we’ll help refine the design of your system and organise your full installation.

Security for your home

Picture your home, and what security features you’d like in each area. Select a quantity against each of the security options below. If you want more information on an item, hit the turn-down arrow next to the item.

Full video solution with recording, motion activation and night vision

These can also be used for lighting control, Econx will work with any brand of wired sensor

Hardwired, 24hour monitored, lights can operate when activated

Press for instant alarm activation, typically installed be side bed/s

Access to your home

Econx can perform a range of access functions to make entering your property and home easy for you, your family, and anyone else you want to give access to. Select how many of each item below you have.

Control from anywhere, failure to close alerts, door status, link to outdoor/ drive lights

Control from anywhere, failure to close alerts, gate status, link to outdoor/ drive lights

Econx provides wired options, electric mortice, door strike or mag lock. Full logged access with NO batteries

Press button, trigger indoor chime, activate lights, take image on Camera

This feature is coming soon - tick this box if you are interested

Heating your home

A warm home is a comfortable and healthy environment for you and your family. With controll over all aspects of your heating, your home will always be as warm or as cool as you want it to be.

High wall, floor mounted or cassette. Control from anywhere, schedule to suit lifestyle - On/OFF, Heating, Cooling Temperature control. No additional heat pump controls are required for Econx control

Control from anywhere, schedule to suit lifestyle - On/OFF, Heating, Cooling Temperature control. IMPORTANT NOTE – these typically require a separate infra-red controller for Econx Control

Controlled via Wi-fi – no additional wiring required

Schedule for power saving and control from anywhere

Delete conventional wall controls, increase aesthetics, simplify control and reduce running costs

Increase and simplify control, control from anywhere – call to find out more

Schedule for off peak control – save $120 per year per towel rail

General automation for your home

Automating various aspects of your home allows you to customise your home to your liking. You can also save energy and money by controlling everyday items. Select how many of each item below you have.

Schedule for increased ambience and security, control via alarm sensors, link to doors, eliminate 2 way switching

Schedule for increased security, link to gates and doors for automated operation

Keep simple and light up the garden, deck, pool or that special indoor feature for increase ambience

Automate to open and close at dusk the choice is yours and customisation is simple

Schedule for off peak control and significantly reduce running costs

Control heat recovery or automate windows for temperature control

Eliminate another controller and consolidate control further by automating via Econx

Wire on one or multiple circuits, schedule via Econx for comfort and off-peak control

Simplify and automate control, using timing and temperate control with Econx

Isolate water when your away to meet your insurance requirements, control from anywhere

Type any other automation requirements here

Econx features you would like to use

Econx allows you to do so much more than you realise. Tick any of the boxes below to utilise the full power of Econx in your new home.

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