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Smarter home security.

Discover real peace of mind. Econx delivers total home security via your smartphone and Econx app. Full control and management of your security is at your fingertips with fine-tuning capabilities from your laptop, tablet and desktop computer. Now you can monitor your home or office activity, receive flash alerts if sensors or alarms are triggered, and even instruct your security cameras to send images to your smartphone – wherever you are and at any time.

The security of your home, bach or office is in safe hands. Econx is a fully integrated security and home automation system designed and made in New Zealand. Econx completely eliminates the need for a separate security system and you can connect to any number of features. It’s really easy to use and it makes life easy. Instant security control is at the touch of your screen via the Econx app on your smartphone. Simple, smart and secure.

• With a range of security devices ready for connection, you have total security over every part of your home. Partitioning is standard too, so you can alarm your upstairs, downstairs, garage or shed separately.

• You’re connected and in control 24/7. Econx is run online from secure servers. Full management settings are available from your laptop, tablet or desktop computer – without the need for a technician or electrician.

• Econx can send flash alerts to your smartphone if sensors are triggered, if someone rings your doorbell, or if your alarm is activated. You’ll always know exactly what’s happening at home when you’re not there.

• At the touch of your screen you can take images from cameras installed around your home. You can even receive livestream video, and record and review footage. Plus, Econx provides full log and time referencing.

• You can automatically arm multiple zones as you leave the home, or set Econx to automatically disarm your alarm and turn on lights.

• If you’re away for a period of time you can set Econx to secure your home and run only essential items, reducing power consumption and saving you money.

• As a fully integrated smart-home system Econx can further increase your security by automating your At-Home features such as lighting and curtains.

• In an emergency, when smoke alarms are activated, Econx will automatically turn on your lights to provide visibility for a safe exit.

• The design system is smart and tidy – it utilises alarm system sensors to control lighting, reducing the need for extra wiring or wall and ceiling clutter.

• There’s no limit to the number of app users/profiles connected to your system. You can add and remove users without technical assistance, and all access and activity is logged and viewable by master users.

So start taking control of your home, bach or office security now. Find out how you can install Econx and make your home both supersmart and secure.

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Econx integrates with the Panasonic E-Series range of security cameras to provide you with full visual coverage of your home. Receive images when your alarm is activated or when a doorbell is pressed, or whenever you choose. Add a Panasonic recording device (NVR) and gain live streaming and recording options for direct-sending to your smartphone. Further efficiencies include access logs and reference times set to video footage.


Your family’s safety is paramount. The Econx smoke alarm system is permanently wired and monitored 24/7, without the need for batteries, eliminating the need for regular battery checks or replacement. In the even that a smoke alarm is activated, Econx will also turn on interior lighting to provide critical visibility for an exit path.


You can open any system-connected door or gate remotely to provide visitors access to your home, bach or office. As well being extremely convenient, this means you won’t need to worry about handing over keys or codes. Econx also allows you to provide temporary smartphone access with automated removal options. Simply by checking your app you can make sure that the door was closed upon exit and the alarm reset. Econx provides a full log of all access, viewable by all master users.


With an intercom connected to your Econx system, you’ll be able to talk to people at your front door, directly through your phone, from anywhere. When someone pushes the intercom button, lights can be activated, a door chime can operate and a call can be made to your phone for direct conversation. (Available late 2017).


Econx utilises alarm sensors for lighting and security, eliminating ceiling clutter and reducing wiring costs. The system is compatible with any brand of wired sensor, with wireless radio sensors available* for retro fitting where cable access is unavailable. (*Available late 2017)


For added convenience, two 5-button remotes are supplied with each Econx system. Remotes can be configured to operate any of your connected features – such as the alarm, garage door, gates or lighting. They can be assigned to secondary users, with all operations logged and viewable by master users. A maximum of nine remotes can be utilised with any one Econx system.