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Control for your lifestyle.

Econx makes life easy. And it’s so versatile. It allows you to control your security system, your lights, your heating or access gates and garage doors, and turn almost any appliance on or off whenever you choose. You can even unlock your front door for visitors if you’re not there – all from your smartphone, from anywhere and at any time. What’s more, you can set scheduled times for appliances and devices to switch on or off automatically, and just let Econx run your home for you. Simple.

Econx is an integrated home security and a home automation system – in one powerful unit.

It’s versatile, user-friendly, intuitive and secure. It allows you to connect, monitor, protect and control your home like no other system can – from anywhere in the world and at any time. With Econx, as well as being in complete control of your home security features like alarms and cameras, you can also control heating, temperatures, lighting, hot water, garage doors and virtually everything else in your home you choose. So you’ll enjoy peace of mind and convenience and run an efficient, more comfortable and cost-effective home that suits you, your lifestyle and your family’s needs. That’s not just smart, it’s supersmart.

Econx is simple to use. All you need is your smartphone and the Econx app. You can connect to as many features as you like and control all of them manually – turn on your heatpumps from the gym, let the plumber into the house while you’re at the supermarket (and get a visual check-in from your security cameras). Or you can set schedules and let Econx run your home for you.

You can also access Econx via your computer or tablet. Setting schedules and making changes is easy. You don’t need a technician or an electrician. You just log into the Econx website and edit anything you want. Fine tuning schedules to activate lighting at dusk, for instance, or open and close blinds and turn on heaters to bring your home to your ideal temperature is all possible at the touch of a screen.

Because Econx is accessed online you won’t need multiple separate timers, remotes and security controllers either. You can provide system access to as many people as you need, and decide how much control they have. Because Econx logs who comes and goes, what devices have been used, and when your alarm has been turned on or off, you’ll always know what’s been happening in your home.

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Econx allows you to open doors or gates from anywhere at any time. This means you can provide trades people, family and friends with access to your home, bach or office without having to worry about handing over keys or codes. For day-to-day use Econx comes standard with remotes which can be configured to open and close gates and garages, arm and disarm alarms and more.


Econx brings you peace of mind, and the ability to secure, monitor and track activity within your home. It comes with a built-in 14 zone alarm system, two radio remotes and full app control. Its flexibility means it can work with existing wiring and is compatible with all manufactured alarm and wired smoke sensors. Additionally, Panasonic cameras can be integrated into your Econx system for remote photo imaging.


Create ambience, increase security and simplify control of night lights or that special feature by setting your lighting to turn on automatically, or to activate via alarm sensors. Smart integrated control will also reduce wall and ceiling clutter for a tidier more minimalistic look and feel to your new home.


Make your home cosier, efficient and cost-effective. Each Econx system can control up to five indoor heat pump zones, including cassette, wall and floor mounted systems. It can even accommodate ducted systems with the simple addition of a separate infra kit controller. Econx can also integrate to Wi-Fi enabled Escea gas fires, providing you with full-time and temperature control.


The versatility of the Econx system means you can connect to a range of fittings and appliances, including: Mains water isolation of baches; Irrigation; Pump alarms (high or low-level alarms); Bedroom heaters; Doorbells; Ventilation systems; Heat transfer fans; Electric blankets; Pedestrian gates and more.


Econx allows you to open you garage door in a number of ways. You can allow people access to your garage by opening the door from your phone when you’re not at home. Econx also comes with two push-button remotes, which can perform a range of functions – from opening your garage door, to opening your front door or gate, setting your alarm, and more.


By setting Econx to heat water only when the power rates are lower you could save significantly on your power bills. If you have, or are considering solar power, you could also increase your payback period considerably – you can schedule the system to operate during the day and just add an early boost if you need it.


Automated blinds are both convenient and beneficial. By setting Econx to close blinds automatically at dusk in the winter you’ll trap precious heat. During the summer months Econx can monitor desired room temperatures and close blinds to stop your home geting a little too warm too. Homes and offices with electric windows can be set to open automatically for passive cooling and ventilation.


Scheduling entry and drive lights to turn on automatically at dusk and off again at your preferred time further increases security and enhances the look of your new home. Lighting can also be activated by a number of features, such as opening the garage door, gate or front door, or use of the doorbell.


Econx allows you to manage solar power loads in your home. Careful control can make a real difference to the return on your investment by ensuring you consume the power you generate, and making sure you don’t miss out on opportunities for savings.


Easily adjustable controls mean you can enjoy ambient and underfoot warmth (and snuggly towels) without breaking the bank. Econx is so smart it even automatically adjusts for daylight savings. Remote operation means you can pre-heat your home, or not have to rush back home and turn anything off, if you rushed out the door and left anything on.