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Conserve power. Save money.

Install an Econx smart-home system in your home or office and you could reduce your home’s energy consumption and save significantly on your monthly power bills. Econx can connect to a number of features in your home, which means you can take real control over how much energy you use at last. What’s more, team your home up with a wholesale energy provider such as Flick Electric and you could watch your power bills go down and see your power savings go up.

The key to reducing your power bill is control. With Econx you can set and forget, make daily changes, or adjust setting as the seasons change. Because Econx gives you control over a number of features you could decide how and when your hot water cylinder heats, set lights to turn on and off automatically and heat your home cleverly. All of which means you’ll use much less energy.


A typical 4-bedroom modern home with two bathrooms, two heat pumps and electric water heating, located in Christchurch. With ten months of Econx and Flick Electric:

Flick Electric cost savings for 1 week for this home: 41%
Flick Electric average cost savings for all
Flick Electric for the same week: 25%

Cost saving over the past 10 months: $1,084.80 or around 36%

By using Econx to set operational times for off peak periods, controlling temperatures and scheduling boosts for before power rates are due to rise, some of the key home features you could save on include hot water cylinders, heated towel rails, heat pumps, solid mass heating, under-tile heating, swimming pools and spa pools.

For even greater results you could configure your home for a real winning combination, with one of today’s wholesale power company options or solar power offerings. Using Econx to take advantage of the best opportunities to save power and money isn’t just smart, it’s super-smart. The combination of Econx with power company Flick Electric typically produces power reductions of up to 40% for the average 4-bedroom modern home. Add a swimming pool or spa pool to the energy consumption total and these reductions increase to as high as 50%.

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Install Econx in your new home and watch your power bills go down while your power savings go up.